Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss Britney Jean

It all started with yesterday. Evil, evil yesterday. I SOMEHOW slept in until 1:09 Post Morning (that’s P.M. for those of you who aren’t up-to-date with the Autumn lingo)! I am not sure how it happened but it did, and the WORST part about that is the fact that I only had 2hours and 21minutes to do everything I could think of to prove to my hubby that I was productive… needless to say, it DiDN’T work. :( So! I had some friendly inspiration to have a productive day today, and Miss Britney Jean was it.

Here’s how my morning went:

6:00 A.M. - woke up to my husband laying in bed sick and deciding if he should go to work.

6:30ish A.M. - I said a morning prayer together with him in hopes to make it all better (and so I could go back to sleep).

6:45 A.M. - felt a little better, so he left for work. I rolled over and went back to sleep… YEAH RiGHT! I definitely did not have the right intent for my prayers this morning and that sweet spirit whispered to me that it was time for me to start my day and that I was not going back to sleep.

7:00 A.M. - I rolled (literally) out of bed. Normally 7 is not that big of a deal to many, but since I slept for 14hours the night previous and had troubles falling asleep last night, my body’s sleep schedule was extremely MESSSSTED UP!

7:15 A.M. - made a healthy breakfast consisting of 2eggs scrambled, piece of whole wheat toast and an orange.

7:30 A.M. – went to the gym . . . and . . . worked out. ( I guesss that’s a “duh”) [sorry]

8:30 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. showered and got ready for the day

9:30 A.M. startled by the alarm clock set for me to wake up!

At this point I couldn’t believe all the amount I had accomplished by the normal time I arise in the morning. After this point I went to work… from my living room. I love this working from home stuff!

I made 4 skirts for Les Miserable (showing at Westwood High School) hopefully that will finish off what we need for that show.

Cleaned my kitchen


If it wasn’t for these AMAZiNG things… that kitchen would not have looked so good!

Did a load of laundry… that was MUCH needed!

Practiced my song for Relief Society this Saturday ….

but something just wasn’t right about it…. so…..

I rearranged it.

Hope the Composer doesn’t care. :)

After my music time, I made a YUMMY pasta salad. It was soooo good that I decided I’m makin’ it for dinner too.

After getting all my work done, I got to have fun with some scraps of material… and this was the masterpiece.


watch out! there will probably be more to come!

After making more of a mess… I tried to clean the house but just as I started…..

my wonderfu l hubby came home from work!

Friday, January 15, 2010


WHO: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dark

WHERE: Cabin. Located in Christopher Creek, Az.

WHEN: January 3rd until January 7th 2010.

WHY: Why not?

PiCTURES? Yes, Please.

married life 062

We finally came up for air and left the cabin to go for a walk. We waited for the warmest day so my little Mesa-born self wouldn’t freeze.

married life 050 

Things we saw on our walk…

a cool old sign… totally placed in the wrong spot… but still cool!

married life 053

a snow woman…

married life 056

some cool birdhouses

married life 058married life 059married life 060

a sign for Scott…

married life 064


married life 063

the Christopher Creek church building… it was soooo small and cute.

married life 066

And beautiful scenery.

married life 071

The back of our cabin was so unique.

married life 084 

The next morning we sat on the back porch of the cabin bundled up in a giraffe snuggie and our super soft comfy blanket.

 married life 090

and ate a DELiCiOUS breakfast that consisted of an omlet, rasin toast, blueberry cobbler toast, morning medley (my new creation) and YUMMY Pomegranate Ruby Grapefruit juice.

married life 088            


I miss that relaxing, worriless, stress less honeymoon world.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


0031 0127

0039 0122 0074


Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve

This is how we PARTY the night BEFORE the new YEAR!



married life 033

This is one of Scott’s favorite places to eat since he moved to AZ. So it seemed fitting that we corrupt his best man and groomsman.

married life 034

Cade was such a gentleman to set the table. :D haha

party bw

Soon-to-be newlyweds.

married life 041

The crazy, amazing best friends.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

[T] e .M. {p} .L. e

♪ ♪
I {l.o.v.e.} to see the TEMPLE . . . I am going there someday SATURDAY! ♪ ♪

I have LOVED that song since the first day I heard it.

Sometime about 4 years ago when I joined the church I started learing more and more Primary songs. This one, among many others took a toll on my life. I love the temple and am so excited to enter the Lord's Holy house. I have looked forward to it for the last 4 years! If you are a current temple recommend holder and wish to share this experience with me, I would love to have you there. The more the merrier, RiGHT? Just e-mail me at autumn28[at]tmail[dot]com and I will promptly e-mail you back with the details!

:[Void this message after Sunday, December 27th]:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The countdown is ONNNN...

Scott gets to Arizona in FOURTY-EiGHT hours. Oh my goodness! I have so much to do to prepare wonderful Arizona for him. This is my home and my {second} love and I can't wait to share it all with him! If you want to meet him... the best place would be the Mesa Temple on Thursday, December 17th. We will arrive before the performance that starts at 7:00 pm. For those of you that attended Mountain View High School you should definitely come and support Chorale as they perform an amazing concert for all to hear! If you weren't lucky enough to attend Mt. View, please come and listen to this wonderful program anyway. Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good NeWs!!!

or should I say

That's CORRECT. There has been a ton of sewing going on today. I can assure you that today it was not me, however I have definitely been involved. I got a call this morning that the wonderful lady working on my wedding dress was ready for me to come over and be sewn into my dress. That's right. She molded it to me, pinned, snipped and tucked until she got it where 'we' wanted it. THEN... I was sent home :( She said she would call me later on in the day if all was going well and when she was ready for a second fitting. Only 3 short hours later, I received the call I had been waiting for! She needed me again. I went over there, played dress-up for about 15 minutes, poked myself a few times after being warned, of course... haha. After the dress-up time was over I had to leave again. It's so sad to leave my beautiful dress, but HOPEFULLY the next time I return to her house it should be ready for me to wear on my BiG DAY! Wooohooo. I can't believe there is only 4 short weeks and 2 days left! OH MY! Lots to do.... anyone that's serious in wanting to help, please text me!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TiCKiTY {tock} . . . {TiCKiTY} tock.

I simply couldn't help myself! The last 2 blogs that I told you about made me hungry for crafting! I did it... I drove to D.I. searched Hi and low for the perfect mantle clock to make-over and items to fix-up. While walking through the wooden section I found this adorable decoration!

I had actually seen it a few days ago when I went to D.I. to search for frames for my reception... I really wanted to buy it, but I knew it wasn't a necessity. Well, this time I said to my self, "self, you can justify buying this cute decoration... since it's still here, it must be meant for YOU"...
so I did, and do I regret it? haha. Not {OnE} bit! So, that's that. From there, I continued my search for my clock... I finally stumbled upon this wonderful thing...

However, at the time of purchase, it didn't have that colored circle around the face.... that was just me forgetting to take a before picture... so that's your sneak peak!


here goes nothin'

So for project numero uno, all I did was protect the center with a plastic grocery bag and painter's tape and went to sprayin' with some brown paint... here's the finished product that will be hanging in my living room once I'm married... I absolutely L.O.V.E. it and it was sooooooo inexspensive! Take a guess how much it was, I dare you!

Project number {tWo} wasn't as easy... but it was so much more fun! I decided since I still have a whole can of turquoise paint left over from the projects that I completed earlier in the month for my wedding, I'm gonna make use of that paint... here's the outcome. I used scrapbooking rub-on letters/numbers for the face. I might be adding some BLiNG onto it, but for right now this is how it will be!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just recently stumbled upon this blog and can't be more excited to start making some of the things she has created! She's my kind of gal! She sews, but hates patterns and isn't afraid to try some new styles and ideas! A lot of her stuff is inspired by Anthropologie and amazing new styles! Please go check out her blog!

Last night before coming across her blog I came upon this blog that I believe will be my new friend for decorating my new house once I'm married! Go check it out as well!

Oh my goodness... I can't wait to start being crafty again!